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M/s. Namrah International is one of the leading human resource consultants and recruitment agency in the Pakistan.
We are committed to provide the highest standard of service to our clients throughout the region. Our effectiveness and quality of service has helped us to establish and maintain long-term relationship with our clients. As a leader in personnel recruitment, our comprehensive database contains an enormous pool of professional personnel. Our search methodology involves in-depth technical. Function and skill evaluation to determine their competence for the position assigned. At this point, only three to five of the most proficient candidates will be presented to the client for his/her final selection. The term at M/S: Namrah International possesses several years’ experience. We have sound understanding of client needs and business drives. Our aim is total client satisfaction our Term will ensure that all your requirements are met promptly our team will ensure that all modern office with all facilities.

include the highest level of professionalism. For the last 8 years, our Manpower Agency has been contributing to the nation's growth and development through the export of highly talented and worthy manpower.


Step1- Place advertisements, arrange interviews, select employees on behalf of clients.

Step 2- Assist the prospective employers by short listing candidates for final interview by the employers.

Step 3- Negotiate salaries and brief the candidates about their legal rights, terms and conditions and customs of the host country.

Step 4- Make arrangements for trade test centers and medical exam for the candidates.

Step 5- Obtaining visas from the concerned Embassy/Consulate.

Step 6- Reservation and Purchase of Air Tickets.


Benefits of our Overseas Employment Agency

1.Our employment agency has a well-equipped office which is manned by highly experienced and trained recruitment agency staff to process demand of any volume.

2.Our efficient and senior manpower agency staff can go through the process of selection and consequent processing and paper work in the minimum possible time.

3.Our team of experts at the staffing agency can select the right candidate for you matching your job descriptions.

4.At our overseas employment agency, the team is honest and sincere. The selection is made solely on the basis of merit and talents.

5.Our manpower agency always honors its commitments and proceeds as per the instructions of the clients.

6.We have a team of manpower staffing experts in various fields and a panel of legal advisors to assist us in our manpower employment services.

7.We have arrangements with leading trade testing centers to assess the skills and practical plus theoretical knowledge of the candidates.

8.We make arrangements with government authorized medical test centers to screen the employees for medical fitness.




make sure resume is detailed particularly about your job duties.

Include your contact information and your e-mail address on your resume.

Include exact dates of employment and education.

Specific job titles, details of job duties.

 Include personal data, age, marital status etc.


Requirement Procedure

 1. Passport readable computerized.

 2. Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC)

 3. Photographs 4*6 c.m with off-white background ,or

 4.Photocopy of next kin (father ,or mother ,or wife

 5.brothers or ,sisters or daughter or son.

 6. Medical Certificate from GCC recognized medical center.

 7. Photocopies of passport & CNIC 4 sets.


Visa Procedure

 The Government has laid down certain rules under immigration Act 1979 for manpower recruitment on behalf of Overseas Employers. We would require the following documents to proceed with.


Information to employer

 Trade test , Screening and selection, Medical Documents, Passport, N.I.C & Experience Certificate Submit documents for visa endorsement Collection of visa Pre-dispatch orientation and briefing of candidates Confirmation of flight Procurement of emigration clearance Submitting of documents to protector of Emigrants.

Flight information to employer of employees being dispatched RV at airport and departure reception by employer at job destination receive performance reports of employee from employer keep trace and record of employee contact the employee on his annual leave visit or completion of contract



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